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    Here's why we are excited about Indian Restaurants

    If the first thing that you can think of when we talk about Indian Restaurants is curry, then this article holds the truth for you. 

    Indian Cuisines make a vital part of any Indian Restaurant. For those who have never tried an Indian Cuisine, here is our apt description, “Pleasing Aroma, luscious taste that stands out from the rest of cuisines”. Indian Cuisines are of many types.

    So why are we excited about a cuisine type?

    This answer is fairly simple. Indian Cuisines are not just delicious but are healthy as well. Finding such a combination in recent times is hard, where people are sacrificing taste for better health. 

    The Power Of Traditional Indian Food And Its Many Health Benefits are going to greater bounds and several Indian restaurants are providing their customers around the world with a portion of tastier and healthier food. So why not order the next meal from an Indian Restaurant nearby? 

    If you live outside of India and are a fan of Indian foods and Indian Restaurants, don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out the links below to make a move towards your nearest Indian restaurant.

    Handpicked List of Best Indian Restaurants Globally

    Indians represent the current largest source of immigrants to America. The statistics of 2019 show us a 50% increment in “Indian population in the USA” in just a span of 8 years. With such a large Indian community of diverse cultures, we couldn’t stop ourselves from providing you with our hand-picked list of Best Indian Restaurants Abroad.

    Here is our list of Top Indian Restaurants :   

    1. Indeblue: The Top Rated Indian Restaurant in Philadelphia – Indeblue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    2. Ravi Kabob House –  Arlington, VA
    3. BADMAASH – Badmaash,  Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.
    4. Spice Room | Neighborhood Indian Bistro | Indian Vegan Restaurant – Spice room, Denver, Colorado
    5. Zyka | Decatur | Georgia | Indian Restaurant | Catering | Banquet Halls – Zyka, Atlanta, GA
    6. Adda Indian Canteen – Adda, Indian Restaurant in Queens, NY
    7. Tiffin Asha – Tiffins AshaIndian, Indian Restaurant in Portland OR
    8. Bollywood Theater – Bollywood Theatre, Portland, Oregon 

    To know more about Indian Restaurants globally and explore the Indian dishes, check out the resources provided below:

    Some useful links on Indian Restaurants and Indian Cuisines provided below

    • You can find a detailed list of the types of Indian cuisines here.

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