After 15 years of effort by Indian-American Communities, the US Postal Service released the Diwali stamp in 2016 Remember the day when the United States Postal Service made an official release of postage stamps in recognition of celebrating the festival of lights, Diwali? Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), a reputable official in the cause, held a celebration on this historic day and gave recognition to the Indiaspora and a few other individuals for realizing […]

Best travel destinations in Asia | vacation list in Asia| Top visiting places in Asia.

NRIevents.comCategory – Passport | Types of Passport Picking the best Asian destinations and tours is a monumental task. Asia’s various, reserved, enchanting, and daunting landscapes and cultures extend from the frozen steppes of Mongolia to the sweltering, teeming cities of southern India. Introduction: From megacities to faraway islands, Asia’s pinnacle tour spots provide a hefty […]